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                                              Founded in 2019 by Katie Bowman, a                                                        Gallup-certified Strengths coach, we exist                                                  to be a catalyst to transform the human-                                                    work relationship.

                                              According to Gallup, the majority of the

                                              world's population desires one thing over                                                  most other dreams - to have a great job.

                                              A great job is defined as one in which a                                                      person does what they do best every day,                                                  where his or her strengths are celebrated and developed, and where individuals connect to their work with passion and purpose.

The modern workplace is a place of tremendous power when those in charge choose to make their primary focus the maximization of human potential. The possibilities for growth and success of an organization is directly linked to the time and energy invested into developing and empowering its infinitely powerful people.


This requires focus and intentionality. It requires a long-term commitment to transforming the workplace and developing a culture that honors the will and desire of the workers - to have a great job and therefore a great life.

We are your partners in this intentional process of transformation.

And with the transformation of your workplace, comes the opportunity to change the world.



Our community is our (TRĪB).


The individuals  and organizations we work with become part of an ever-growing community that is committed to empowering humans and transforming our places of work.


Regardless of our uniqueness, work is a shared human experience. The desire to make work an extension of our lives instead of an interruption unites and inspires us.

We know what we want to do in the world, and we know that work - passionate, purposeful, empowered work -

is the way we will do it.

If this resonates with you, we hope you will join us.

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Our programs are designed to empower exceptional humans and transform the culture of work.


If you are an individual who is ready for a personal life overhaul or the CEO or HR Director of an organization that is ready to redefine its culture, we are the catalyst for transformation and your partners in the process.

Explore our programs below. Not finding exactly what you are looking for? Contact us for a conversation with our founder, Katie Stedman.


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